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Many people think that affirmations are these cute little phrases that you write in a journal or post on your mirror. But the real truth is that affirmations are so much more than that.  And they are so much more powerful than you might think.


Affirmations are really about changing your mindset.  When you change your thinking, your perception (ideas, thoughts, feelings) changes.  With a different perception of things, you have a different experience about life. That's it in a nutshell.


While it's very simple, it does take some practice and a deeper understanding about the inner-workings of affirmations.

This is what we are here for; to help you with that tools, training and support you need to have the results you want and live the life you deserve and desire.

Customized Affirmations

Using affirmations is one of the most effective things you can do for your life.  And when they are customized just for you, they become even more powerful.

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Affirmations the most effective way to create transformation.  We will help you do so faster and better than anyone else.

The Science of Affirmations

The only course that dives deep into how to understand and effectively use the power of affirmations.


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Affirmations are the key to tapping into the magnificent abundance of the universe, and “The Science of Affirmations”, will show you how to open the lock.

The Science of Affirmations, is an inspiring and insightful book on the effective use of affirmations.  But this is not just another book full of stock phrases.  

In The Science of Affirmations, we take you step-by-step to simplify the seemingly mysterious practice of using affirmations and help you to understand exactly how and why they work.

Finally and perhaps most exciting, The Science of Affirmations teaches you how to craft your own powerful affirmations for maximum effectiveness.  Now, you can truly have a “yes” answer to all that you need, desire and deserve in life.